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Grant Funding Application under Resources for Regions (NSW State Government)

Business Sense was contracted to deliver the application for the Blackbutt Reserve Adventure Playground and Pathways Project under the NSW State Governments Resources for Regions Fund. Our team worked closely with project team in Newcastle City Council to develop an indepth Business Case complete with Cost Benefit Analysis demonstrating Return on Investment for the funding body.

“Located on an old mine site, this project looks to the future through our kids by providing a one-of-a-kind, locally designed playground that provides facilities for imaginative and educational play beyond the experience provided by other local playgrounds.” Extract from the Funding Application.” Extract from the Business Case

The Deliverables:

We completed the complete process for the application including all mandatory documents in consultation with Section51 and Newcastle City Council.

  • Business Case for total Project (including cost benefit analysis).

  • Economic Development Section of application.

  • Other supporting documents.

  • All relevant documents professionally graphically designed.

Project Details

Project Details

Client: Newcastle City Council (Section51)

Amount: $1.85m

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