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Funding Application under National Stronger Regions Fund (Federal Government)

Business Sense was contracted to deliver the application for the Lithgow Revitalisation Infrastructure Project under the Federal Governments National Stronger Regions Fund. Our team worked closely with the Economic Development Team to develop an indepth Business Case complete with Cost Benefit Analysis demonstrating Return on Investment for the funding body.

“The Lithgow Region Revitalisation Infrastructure Project is designed for the rehabilitation of poor road and parking infrastructure and the revitalisation of related elements associated with the main street precinct. The City of Lithgow is seeking funding to create and improve the identified key space of Cook Street Plaza which links the main street to the Railway Station and provides a linkage to the cultural activities of the Region.” Extract from the Business Case

The Deliverables:

We completed the complete process for the application including all mandatory documents in consultation with Lithgow City Council.

  • Complete Project Management (Start to submission).

  • Business Case for total Project (including cost benefit analysis).

  • Project Management Plan.

  • Procurement Management Plan.

  • Risk Management Plan.

  • Other supporting documents.

  • All relevant documents professionally graphically designed.

Project Details

Project Details

Client: Lithgow City Council

Amount: $847,783

Outcome: Pending

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