LMWUA Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy for the Lower Macquarie Water Utilities Alliance

Business Sense was engaged by the 12 members councils that comprise the Lower Macquarie Water Utilities Alliance.

The Marketing Strategy creates a framework which promotes the LMWUA as a forward thinking, progressive and community focused organisation through consistent messages in a wide range of communication channels. The Strategy included a comprehensive review of other represented water bodies, situation analysis and brand review.

The Strategy includes a detailed Action Plan for three years, including estimates and timeframes.

The Deliverables:

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

  • 3 year Action Plan & Budget

  • Development & Presentation of final Strategy to LMWUA Technical Committee

Project Details

Project Details

Client: Lower Macquarie Water Utilities Alliance

Timeframe: July 2015

Adopted by the LMWUA Technical Sub Committee in September 2015

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