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Community Engagement Strategy & Preparation of Long Term Strategic Plan

BusinessSense was engaged by West Coast Council to complete the West Coast Community Strategic Plan 2025 and develop a Community Engagement Strategy to ensure community input. The Plan was adopted by Council in October 2015 with over 40% of West Coast’s population particpating in the development of the Plan.

The Community Engagement Strategy (CES)  follows a logical and transparent process that allowed the community and stakeholders to understand how and why decisions have been made.

BusinessSense developed the brand for the project, communications plan, prepared and facilitated a Councillor workshop and designed and developed a designated website for the WCCP2025. In addition, we have prepared radio scripts, established social media (and ongoing content provision) prepared survey methodology and designed the posters and DL insert.


The Engagement Strategy delivered results with over 40% of the West Coast community having their say!

  • 22% of West Coast Residents had completed a survey online
  • Over 2000 unique visitors to the website
  • 70 followers on Twitter (primary target journalists/mediaI
  • Over 200 people signed up to receive updates on the progress of the WCCP2025
  • Over 800 people attended a workshop, forum or community information stand.

“Congratulations Gretchen, exceptional job. You delivered way more than expected and it was a tough gig. The finished product exceeds Council’s expectations. Well done.”

Dirk Dowling – General Manager

The Deliverables:

BusinessSense is proud to be delivering the key elements of the project for the WCCP2025. These include:

  • Community Engagement Strategy (incl. Communications Plan.

  • Logo Creation.

  • Online Social Media Establishment & Ongoing Content Management

  • Councillor Workshop.

  • Development & Presentation of final WCCP2025

Project Details

Project Details

Client: West Coast Council


Phase 1 – March-June 2015

Phase 2 – July-Sept 2015

Adopted by West Coast Council October 2015

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