‘Get that Grant’ will give your Council, community, and stakeholders the knowledge, skills and tools to successfully apply for grant funding.

Our course is delivered by Gretchen Armitage, who has secured over $400m in grant funding for community groups, businesses, state and local governments and their agencies.

She will not only share her vast knowledge of grant funding, but will also walk-through fundamental grant eligibility criteria to set course attendees and their organisations up for success.

Our courses are being funded by local councils and community organisations, as we try to reach and share with as many people as we can.

What your community stakeholders will learn:

  • The grants process
  • How to be grant ready – Your Project
  • Project Foundations
  • The importance of Guidelines
  • How to manage the grant application process
  • How to write a successful grant – the language, layout and answering questions
  • Our winning formula – the Secrets to Success!



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